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British Passport Renewal Cost

Please note that British passport applications from the USA cannot be done in person or at a local British Consulate or Embassy in the USA any longer, it can only be done online. 

Read below to find out more information regarding British passport renewal costs, processing times, online forms, photos, application requirements. If you need more information please contact us, a consultant will gladly assist.

Renewals & Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passport Replacements

The British passport renewal costs are all inclusive of government fees, shipping fees, service fees, new passport delivered to the applicant – no additional payments will be required.

*USD – US dollar

First-time Applications

All inclusive of government fees, shipping fees, new passport delivered to the applicant – no additional payments will be required.

*USD = US Dollar

Passport Processing Times

  • Renewals – 3 to 4 weeks or sooner
  • First-time applications – 4 to 6 weeks or sooner
  • Lost/Stolen/Damaged passport replacements – 4 to 6 weeks or sooner

Application Requirements

  • Contact us, a consultant will gladly assist if you need more information regarding supporting documents and British passport renewal cost.

A copy of the completed application form will be emailed to you for your records. 

You will be advised regarding digital photo specifications once your application is in process.


How It Works

Our Simple Process

MyBritishPassport makes the UK passport renewal process simple and stress-free.

british-passport-renewals from south africa

Simply complete our easy, online application form and make payment on our safe and secure platform. You can view the British passport renewal costs above.

british-passport-renewals from south africa

Our expert team will check your documents and forms, ensure that your passport photos are compliant, and submit your application to the passport office. Your documents are sent to Her Majesty’s Passport Office using our reliable, registered courier service.

british-passport-renewals from south africa

Wait for your new passport to be delivered to your doorstep via DHL, without any delays. The process normally takes 4 to 6 weeks and we keep you updated at all times.


What Our Happy Customers Have To Say
MyBritishPassport provide the best customer service that I have ever received. My liaison was with me throughout every step of the way. I knew beforehand that my application would be tricky and caused it me much concern and worry. But immediately, they put me at ease, asked me what I had in relation to ID, and reassured me that they had dealt with trickier cases. I cannot stress enough just how good a service this is. I would recommend MyBritishPassport to anyone considering applying for their British passport outside of the UK.
Jackie Vicks
South Africa
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Last week I received my British Passport. I would like to thank them for their excellent service. I strongly recommend MyBritishPassport. They are a brilliant company to deal with. I thank you.

Neil Harrison
british-passport-renewals testimonials

Although it is not an easy process to apply for a British passport, MyBritishPassport was wonderful to work with. They are thorough and let you know exactly what documents are required. They answer emails quickly and efficiently and I was very happy I used this service. I got my British passport delivered to my door last week.

Lynn Van der Westhuizen
british-passport-renewals testimonials

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