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Did you know? British passport applications from South Africa can no longer be done in person or at a local British Consulate or Embassy in South Africa. These applications can strictly only be done online.

MyBritishPassport will prepare your passport forms for submission to Her Majesty’s Passport Office and ensure that your photos comply. Simply complete the easy, online form and we will take care of the rest.

Below, you will find all of the information you need regarding our prices, processing times, online forms, photos and application requirements. If you need more information please send an email to or contact us here, and a consultant will gladly assist.

Our Prices

British Passports, Birth Registrations, British Certificates

Please see our 2021 prices below. All inclusive of government fees, shipping fees, new passport delivered to the applicant via courier– no additional payments will be required.

*ZAR – South African Rand 

You will be emailed a copy of your completed application form for your records. You will be advised regarding digital photo specifications once your application is in process.

Passport Processing Times

  • British passport Renewals : 3 to 4 weeks or sooner
  • First-time British passport applications : 4 to 6 weeks or sooner
  • Lost/Stolen/Damaged British passport replacements – 4 to 6 weeks or sooner

Birth Registration by Descent Processing Times

  • 3 – 6 Months or sooner

Application Requirements

  • Should you require more information regarding application requirements and supporting documents, email us at , or contact us here. We will gladly assist you. 

  • NOTE: If you were born in South Africa and are applying for a first-time British passport: ONLY a Vault birth certificate will be accepted if the applicant was born in South Africa. A vault birth certificate is a copy of the original registration form completed by the parents when a birth was registered. It is a photocopy of the original, stamped and signed by a Department of Home Affairs Officer (an applicant’s computer printed unabridged birth certificate will be accepted ONLY IF it was issued within 12 months of birth). All other first-time application certificates for parents and marriage certificates can be computer printed. 

Do I Qualify?

We'll help you determine whether you qualify for a first-time British passport.

Were you born abroad (outside of the United Kingdom) with either a British born mother or a British born father? You are eligible for British citizenship and a British passport through descent.

  • Click here for more information if you have a British born (or naturalised) Father  
  • Click here for more information if you have a British born (or naturalised) Mother 
  • If you were born in South Africa, with a British born Maternal grandparent, then you are eligible for a British passport through double descent – click here for more information on double descent   

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Are you based in South Africa? We offer hassle-free online British passport renewals, replacements or applications. Avoid delays and have your British passport delivered straight to your door.

  • No Delays
  • Expert Advice
  • Passport Delivered to your Door
  • Quick & Easy Online Applications
  • Friendly, Personalised Service
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How It Works

Our Simple Process

MyBritishPassport makes the UK passport application and renewal process simple and stress-free.

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Simply complete our easy, online application form and make payment on our safe and secure platform. 

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Our expert team will check your documents and forms, ensure that your passport photos are compliant, and submit your application to the passport office. Your documents are sent to Her Majesty’s Passport Office using our reliable, registered courier service.

british-passport-renewals from south africa

Wait for your new passport to be delivered to your doorstep via DHL, without any delays. The process normally takes 4 to 6 weeks and we keep you updated at all times.