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british passport renewal online

Step-by-step guide to UK Passport Renewal Online

The British government has embraced the ever-evolving digital world and is accepting British passport renewals online. The steps to a UK Passport renewal online are simple. The only real requirement is that you have your current passport on hand, to complete all the necessary information that you will find on the document. There are, of...
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What is the simplest way to renew a UK passport in the USA

So you’ve lived in and enjoyed all that the USA has to offer. You flip open your passport and lo and behold, it’s nearing expiry and you realize it’s time to renew your UK passport in the USA. What now? You are over 4000 miles from home, this is the first time you need to...
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applying for a passport from outside the uk

Where to start when applying for a passport from outside the UK

Applying for a British passport from outside of the UK may be daunting if it’s the first time you need to do it. While a quick search on the internet could open up a whole lot of information online, it’s nothing quite like having someone to help you through the process. Anyone who has ever...
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applying for a british passport

Applying for a British passport as a Canadian

Topic : Applying for a British passport as a Canadian  As a British expat in Canada, the most important thing you need to ensure is always valid, is your passport. Not only does it permit you to be living legally in the country, but it is also a means of identification. And while many faces...
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Lost passport UK

Lost Passport UK – How does the replacement process work

We’ve all experienced a moment where we realise that something really important is missing or ruined. If your lost passport (UK) happens to be one of those items, we understand the stress and panic that takes over especially if you are abroad and your passport is your only means of identification.  We’ve simplified the process of...
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passport renewal

Passport renewal – How the process has changed

As adults, we have grown accustomed to how all documents that are issued by the government, must be obtained by visiting the government office. In the past decade, much has changed and if you are entering into the last months of validity of your passport and need to do a passport renewal, you’ll be glad...
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travel to uk

Travel to UK – What is the best time of year to plan a trip to the UK?

Visiting the UK is on many people’s bucket lists. If not for the visit to madam Tussauds wax museum or to see the Big Ben in real life, it may be to watch their favourite English Premier League Football team take home the championship trophy. The UK has much to offer everyone and although the...
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Uk passport canada

UK Passport Canada – Your FAQs Answered

As an experienced UK passport renewal service provider in Canada, we have received many inquiries regarding passport renewals. The most frequently asked questions have been gathered into a FAQ section to assist British Citizens living in Canada with any questions they have.  Over 30% of the Canadian population comprises of British Expats. With snowy mountain...
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Uk passport office

UK Passport office no longer accepts in-person renewals

A trip to the UK Passport Office to renew your passport while living abroad is perhaps one of the less enjoyable elements of life. We’re excited to tell you that the application process is now entirely online, so the only journey you’ll need to make is to your desk to complete it. Being able to...
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renew british passport in Canada

What is the easiest way to Renew your British Passport in Canada?

Do you need to renew your British Passport in Canada? MyBritishPassport is pleased to announce that we now process British passport renewals from Canada! This means that renewing your passport just got easier! Did you know that there are about 650,000 UK expats living in Canada? Most British expats live in the larger, English-speaking cities...
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british passport renew online

Steps to renew your British Passport online.

MyBritishPassport is a highly regarded company providing British passport renewals online to UK nationals living in South Africa, Canada and the USA.  If you have never renewed your UK passport from overseas, did you know that British passports can now only be renewed online if you’re based abroad? This article will explain the steps to...
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uk passport renewal overseas

Tips for UK passport renewal overseas.

This article will discuss our top tips for UK passport renewals overseas: MyBritishPassport is pleased to announce that in addition to offering British passport renewal services from South Africa, we now also cater for UK nationals living in Canada and the USA.  How do I renew my British passport if I live abroad? The process...
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uk passport visa free countries

UK passport visa free countries.

Many of our clients have recently been asking about the UK’s visa-free countries, so we have decided to put together this handy guide to UK passport visa-free countries: MyBritishPassport assists clients based in the USA, Canada and South Africa with UK passport renewals.  Which countries do not require visas for UK citizens?  Having a British...
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british foods

Top British Foods that Expats Miss the most.

British expats are scattered throughout the world and many have settled down in foreign countries to get married, raise families or to retire. However, as the saying goes, “you can take the Brit out of Britain, but you can’t take Britain out of the Brit”, and how true this is when it comes to British food! ...
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Advice on renewing your British passport in the USA

British passport renewal USA – here’s everything you need to know.  Did you know that MyBritishPassport assists with renewing your British passport in the USA?  We understand that renewing your passport can be a huge headache, especially when your application is rejected due to an insignificant detail. Our value-added service means that we will ensure...
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British Passports After Brexit

British Passports After Brexit – What you need to know.

When the UK left the European Union in January 2020, a transition period followed until the end of the year. Which left some confusion regarding British Passports After Brexit. During this time, Brits could still travel as much as they wanted (and for any reason) to any EU country. In addition, British passports changed appearance from...
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British consulate in south Africa

Do I need to go to the British consulate in South Africa to renew my British passport?

Renewing one’s British passport can be a complicated process, especially if you are based abroad. You may be asking yourself if you need to visit the British Consulate in South Africa? Luckily, MyBritishPassport is there to help with your passport renewal from South Africa, the USA and Canada.  Working with us means that we check...
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uk passport renewal from Canada

UK Passport Renewals from Canada.

Did you know that MyBritishPassport has now extended its popular service to include UK passport renewals from Canada?  UK passport renewals from Canada can be a bit tricky, which is why we now offer this service.  If you are currently living in Canada, here is everything you need to know about renewing your passport: How...
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uk passport renewal in the usa

UK Passport Renewal in the USA – Our Top 3 Tips

MyBritishPassport has expanded its service to include UK passport renewal in the USA. This means that if you are a UK national based in the USA, your passport renewals have just gotten much easier!  With this in mind, we have put together a guide with our top 3 tips for renewing your UK passport from...
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uk passport renewal from canada

UK Passport Renewals from Canada

Did you know that MyBritishPassport has now extended its popular British passport renewal service to include UK passport renewals from Canada? British Passport renewal from Canada can be a bit tricky given you’re so far from the United Kingdom, which is why we now offer this service. There are a number of reasons why you...
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South African Travel

South African Travel Ideas.

South African travel offers you so many exciting options that it can be difficult to choose what to do next. Whether you enjoy the bush veld and getting away from it all or you like surfing beaches and glorious mountains, South Africa has something for everyone!  MyBritishPassport has made things easier for you by giving...
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british passport photo requirements image

British Passport photo requirements.

British Passport photo requirements |  MyBritishPassport assists UK citizens living in South Africa, Canada and the USA with a wide range of services. These include British passport renewals and first-time applications, and guidance on British passport photo requirements.  Click here to start your easy, online British Passport renewal from abroad. We guide you through the...
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An expat’s guide to living in Cape Town.

Many of MyBritishPassport’s clients are UK expats living in South Africa or, more specifically, Cape Town, South Africa. It is no coincidence that Cape Town is the first choice of city amongst British expats. If you are looking for a breathtakingly beautiful place to relocate to, here is the expat’s guide to living in Cape...
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British Passport requirements

British Passport Requirements – Everything you need to know

Renewing your British passport from South Africa is quite a straightforward process, but there are some instances where you may be required to provide additional documents when applying for or renewing your UK passport.  If you are a UK national currently living in South Africa, here is MyBritishPassport’s guide to renewing your British passport. What...
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How does a South African apply for a British Passport

How does a South African apply for a British Passport?

So, how does a South African apply for a British passport? This article will discuss everything you need to know about applying for a British passport as a South African citizen.  Did you know that both South Africa and the United Kingdom allow its residents to hold dual nationality?  This means that if you are...
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Do I have to send in my old UK passport when renewing?

Do I have to send in my old UK passport when renewing? MyBritishPassport explains.

Although renewing your UK passport is slightly more complicated if done from South Africa, if you follow the guidelines and adhere to the passport office’s requirements, you should be just fine.  If you are renewing your passport from South Africa, you can expect the renewal to take 1 to 2 weeks longer than if you...
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renewing UK passport from abroad

Tips on renewing your UK passport from abroad.

If you are one of the 200,000 British expats in South Africa, the time will inevitably come when you need to renew your UK passport from abroad.  South Africa –  The Rainbow Nation boasts sunny skies, a warm climate and friendly locals, making it perfect for British Expats who want to live in the southern...
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A British Expat’s guide to living in South Africa.

Did you know that there are over 200,000 British expats living in South Africa? This is no surprise as South Africa offers residents almost year-round good weather, sunny skies and friendly communities.  Whether you like a dry heat, warm humidity or the coolness of the mountains, South Africa has something for everyone and is a...
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UK blue passport: Is the new British passport black or Blue?

By now, everyone should be aware that the UK has left the European Union and is now officially on its own politically. With this decision to leave the European Union have come many interesting changes and one of these is the new UK blue passport, which is a pleasant and refreshing departure from the previous,...
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South Africans urged to apply for UK passports sooner rather than later.

The Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm in 2020 and is still affecting the way in which we conduct our lives.  One of the major differences to the world during the pandemic has been the massive reduction in travel- people have been urged to stay at home and only travel when absolutely necessary.  While...
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