The following terms and conditions apply when making use of MyBritishPassport’s services. Kindly read through these terms and conditions before you accept our Privacy Policy to avoid unnecessary confusion or misunderstanding at a later stage.

Our business is operated according to the following concepts:

  • Upon completion of our online application forms and effecting payment, you agree to purchase one of the services we offer
  • MyBritishPassport does not process your British passport application or renewal and, as such, we cannot be held accountable for the outcome.
  • MyBritishPassport is a registered, legitimate and private company that provides services for British citizens living in South Africa. Application forms containing errors or passport photos that do not comply with her Majesty’s Passport Office’s strict standards often result in application rejection, resulting in a loss of time and money. MyBritishPassport thoroughly checks application forms and ensures that passport photos are compliant so that all applications can be processed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Any payments effected on the MyBritishPassport website take place on our secure server to safeguard your details. This is also the case for any messages sent to MyBritishPassport.
  • MyBritishPassport provides independent passport application services and we are in no way associated with any government. Although you can apply for a new British passport directly on the government website, making use of our services means that the risk of your application being rejected is possibly much lower due to the careful checking by our specialist team.
  • MyBritishPassport values customer service very highly and we strive to treat each client with the utmost respect. If you have any complaints, kindly send a message to and we will revert as soon as possible
  • Our website indicates the services we offer, as well as our fees. Upon completion of the online form and submission of payment, you automatically accept our terms of business and our rates.
  • MyBritishPassport strives to ensure that any information contained on our website is as accurate as possible. Kindly note that government rules, content and information is subject to change and we do not accept any responsibility for outdated information or errors. If you find an error on our website, kindly advise us and we will take action as appropriate.
  • MyBritishPassport will not be held responsible for illegible or inaccurate details or information submitted by our clients.
  • Any information you submit to MyBritishPassport is always treated as strictly confidential. Personal details are destroyed once your transaction has been completed. Any communication is always conducted over email. Our emails are constantly monitored. MyBritishPassport encourages communication over email.
  • MyBritishPassport will never pass on your information or personal details to a third party.
  • Refunds can ONLY be issued if your application has not yet been finalised by the relevant government department. Upon request of a refund, MyBritishPassport will retain a cancellation and service fee. Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued for applications that have already been finalised (i.e. once monies have been paid over to the government).
  • MyBritishPassport will withdraw any application after six (6) months of having received a paid application fee if there has been no reply, communication or response from the client in terms of questions on the client’s application. This is done to protect the client’s personal information, safety and security. In such cases, fees will not be refunded.