March 2, 2021
new british passport
New British passport – Everything you need to know As everyone is aware, the United Kingdom left the European Union at the beginning of 2020. This was followed by an 11-month long transition period during which the UK was able to secure a Brexit deal. Brexit has had major implications for British citizens in that...
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apply british passport south africa
Apply for a British passport from South Africa With its British roots, South Africa has strong ties to the UK and many South Africans have discovered that they qualify for British citizenship. Having a British passport allows you to work, live and travel freely within the UK, not to mention the fact that it can...
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renew british passport south africa
Renewing your British Passport in South Africa As at 2021, there were just over 210,000 British citizens living in South Africa. It is easy to see why so many UK nationals have chosen South Africa’s sunny shores as their new homes. From its majestic mountains, to sandy beaches, sunny skies, spectacular wildlife and friendly locals,...
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