Our favourite South African British Expat forums.

South Africa is home to over 200,000 British expats who have chosen the rainbow nation as their permanent home. 

With its warm and sunny climate, friendly locals and spectacular scenery, it is easy to see why so many UK nationals have selected South Africa. 

A common theme among Brits living in South Africa is the high standard of living. Most middle class British citizens can afford large, sprawling properties in South Africa with huge gardens. 

Cape Town is the most popular location for British nationals as it is arguably the most beautiful city in the country. It boasts scenic landscapes, beautiful mountains and plenty of sandy beaches to choose from. 

Johannesburg is a close contender and is the country’s economic hub. There is never a dull moment in the city of gold and the majority of Brits love the area’s mild climate (dry and sunny winters with warm and rainy summers). 

If large cities are not your cup of tea, you could always opt for the bush and live close to a game park, such as the Kruger National Park. There are also many quaint seaside towns that offer a relaxed way of life and a great lifestyle. 

Whichever location you ultimately choose in South Africa, you are sure to be happy in your new country. 

Here at MyBritishPassport, we have the inside scoop on what it is like to be a Brit living in South Africa as our area of speciality is UK document applications and renewals from South Africa. 

If you are a British expat living in South Africa and you would like to join a good, British expat forum, here are our top recommendations! 

Our favourite South African British Expat forums.

1. Facebook: British Expats in South Africa

Although not an official British expat forum, Facebook has become a popular site for expat groups, and UK expats living in South Africa is no exception.

The British Expats in South Africa Facebook group is the largest of its kind and has many helpful members to offer you advice and to help you navigate the foreign waters of South Africa. 

British Expats in South Africa is a very active group and you would be amazed at just how many UK citizens the group has! 

It has a convenient search feature for common questions and, if you cannot find what you are looking for, you could ask a question in the forum and you should receive many useful responses. 

A great advantage of finding information on this group is that it comes straight from the horse’s mouth and from people who have experienced something very similar. 

You may want to consider joining this group before you leave for South Africa as you will likely find useful information for when you first arrive. 

2. The Expat Community for Brits in South Africa:

The Internations website caters to expats (regardless of their origin) throughout the world. 

They have a very popular sub-group entitled “The Expat Community for Brits in South Africa” which contains a wealth of valuable information, tips and advice on everything you need to know about living in South Africa. 

This group has been around for many years and you will be able to find several fascinating threads on a wide range of subjects. It is easy to get caught up in everyone’s responses and you may find that the group is quite addictive! 

The group often arranges barbecues (known as “braais” in South Africa) and social events for British expats and these occasions are an excellent way to make new friends and meet new people.

british expat forum

3. British expat forum: Meetup

You may already be familiar with the Meetup platform, which arranges events for folks with similar interests. 

The Meetup website took the world by storm many years ago and still continues to be a popular site for those wishing to meet new people and enjoy life more.

There are a few groups on the South African Meetup platform that are geared towards UK expats and these are filtered by town or city. 

They have been a little quiet during the Covid-19 pandemic but things are starting to pick up with more events now happening. 

 4. British Expats in South Africa:

The website, is a very comprehensive website that contains everything you need to know about living in South Africa as a Brit. 

Visiting the website, you will notice that there are a number of different sections that you can browse for your convenience and you can obtain immediate information on finding a good school for your children, how to navigate the property market, and much more. 

There is also a forum section where you may ask a question if you were unable to find the information elsewhere on the website. 

From time to time, the website administrators arrange social events and these always prove to be very popular and great ways of meeting new people.

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